Staging Your Home for Sale

How do I stage my home myself without hiring a stager?

This is a common question redesigners and stagers get.  We sometime are at a loss because how do we say to clients that depersonalizing their home is the key and some staging secrets will get the home sold pronto!  Staged homes sell much faster than those without expert tips.

I, owner of debDECOR, have written a paper on this for sellers who do not want to hire out for staging.  The staging paper does have a cost, however, it gives all and every variable successful staging needs.  I will go ahead and give my readers some free staging advice since many folks can’t afford to pay for staging expertise and they need to sell their homes in this economy.  Further, there are so many articles available for staging if you search on web for this subject.

Shown below is a proprietary info paper for use only with permission from debDECOR.  

Home Staging Tips for Quick Resale

Are you wondering what you can do to sell your home quickly without spending a lot of money in home renovations? All you may need is some practical advice on how to showcase your home to attract potential buyers. A buyer makes a decision whether or not they want to buy your home within 5 seconds of walking in the front door. The idea behind home staging is to prepare your home to appeal to the widest audience of viewers. Like a display suite, your house should encourage buyers to visualize living there. If your home is cluttered, out-dated, or is not selling, you may want to hire a professional home stager who can make your home more attractive to buyers. If you want to know the basics of home staging so you can make changes yourself, here are some useful tips.

  • Think of your home as a commodity. Remember, it is not going to be your home anymore and should be marketed as a product. When looking at your home, you should decide on a general theme that emphasis the best features of your home and portrays an overall mood.
  • You don’t get a second chance to make a first impression. Clean up and revamp your front entrance way. It is the first place a buyer will see. Polish doorknobs, replace burnt out bulbs, and repaint the door if it is stained or scratched.
  • Do a thorough cleaning before putting your house on the market. Spotless walls, windows, carpets, flooring, and appliances make a lasting first impression. Key areas are the kitchen, bathroom and front entry. If your carpets or vinyl floors are stained, especially in high traffic areas, you should consider replacing them.
  • Consider the outside of your house. Does your siding need washing, your gutters cleaning out, or your hedge need trimming? A tidy outside raises less concern about maintenance issues.
  • Remove any clutter. Small appliances on countertops, knick-knacks, jam-packed bookshelves can be packed away in preparation of moving. Family photos should also be packed away so that the potential buyer can more easily visualize their own possessions in your home. This also includes removing any excess furniture so your home has a spacious airy feeling. You may want to rent a temporary storage unit for furniture and other boxes that take up room in your closets or storage spaces.
  • Arrange the furniture in your home to showcase its best features. Put a few pieces on angles to create cozy corners, and a less boxy look.
  • Remove any area rugs that are covering attractive flooring and a fresh coat of paint can do wonders for a dingy room. Try using currently fashionable colors to update your home’s décor. Cream or neutral colors warm up a room making it feel giving a homey impression.
  • Vacant homes should have the heat or air conditioning on for showing purposes. It reduces the stale odors that accumulate inside of a vacant house and gives a more inviting impression to potential homebuyers.
  • The mood you create in your home is also dependent on odors. If you home has an unpleasant or mildew smell you will want to remove the source of the odor. Open up the windows to let fresh air inside your home before you show it. If you are going to use a scented candle or incense, try and use mild varieties as strong smells can irritate sensitive noses.
  • Baking bread, playing soft music, and adding additional plants to your home, are all psychological cues that make a potential home buyer feel like your home is a nice place to live in and they will spend more time previewing your house. Outdoor planters and indoor floral arrangements are visually pleasing.
  • Consider your lighting. Natural light makes a home feel more welcoming, open and appealing. Drapes and blinds should be opened and mood lighting left on in darker rooms.
  • Take a look at your possessions. Stained or tattered items should be removed from view. Fresh towels, made beds, and clean throw rugs are a must.
  • Fix any small repairs, including leaky faucets, squeaky doors, and loose door handles. They may seem insignificant but minor repairs add up in the mind of a potential buyer.
  • If you have pets, ensure that their dishes, sleeping areas, and litter boxes are clean. Any noticeable pet hair should be vacuumed, and dog droppings removed from the yard.
  • If you know the mood you want to create but do not have the furnishings, consider renting them. Large pictures, designer coffee tables, and accessories that enhance your homes overall look may increase the appeal of your home without seriously denting your pocket book.

Home Presentation Tips

 1.  Room Editing – Often times, rooms just get overcrowded with stuff. If you had planned on selling, giving away, or discarding items before actually moving to your new home, consider doing it before your current home goes on the market. If you simply have too much furniture in one room, move it to another area of the house or to a storage spot for the time being, such as a basement or garage. This will free up the room and make it seem more spacious and airy. An appealing selling point for potential buyers.
2.  Furniture Arrangement – As in editing, well placed furnishings can also open up a room. Avoid lining furniture along all four walls. Try placing a piece or two on an angle. In the living areas, include an area for cozy conversation. If space allows, an out of the way corner for reading. If a room has a focal point for selling, such as a fireplace or bay window, arrange furnishings to enhance this feature, not distract from.
3.  Clutter Elimination – Keep in mind that you want potential buyers to be noticing the house itself, and not your belongings. This is the perfect time for significant collections such as newspapers and magazines, knick-knacks, and overstuffed book cases to be boxed up for the move. This includes kitchen and bath countertops! Small appliances and little jars, bottles, and tubes should not be left on display. By eliminating the clutter, you will also add to the feeling of spaciousness in a room.
4.  Making Scents – Just like certain smells can trigger memories in a person years later, the scent of your home can leave a lasting effect on a potential buyer. For this reason, you want to avoid cooking smelly foods such as fish, liver, garlic, onions, or anything fried or spicy before showing your home. If weather allows, open windows and doors to let in some fresh air. During winter months, baking a frozen loaf of bread, cookies, or pie can be an inviting fragrance. And though you never want to over-perfume your home, you may want to light a candle as a quick and aromatic remedy. Staying away from sharp floral scents and sticking with a low key scent, such as vanilla or eucalyptus fragrance is best.
5.  Lighting – Show your rooms in the best possible light…Natural! If heavy drapes or curtains block the view, leave them open! The same goes for any kind of blind. Light makes a room seem bright and cheery. On that same note, make sure to clean windows and screens, inside and out. This can make a big impact on the light coming into a room. The difference is often times amazing. If you have a room or two with dark walls or no windows, leave a few of the lights on at all times during showings. If overhead lighting seems too stark, try just leaving on a lamp or two for drama.
6.  Material Things – Stained, dingy towels are a no-no for a home showing. Also, wet towels should be tossed in the dryer before heading off to work while your home is on the market. In the kitchen and bath, consider setting out guest towels and soaps. Inevitably, a visitor or two will be in need. Throw rugs and carpets should also be in good condition. And if they are not completely necessary, such as in an entryway, or hiding a beautiful wood floor, they should be removed altogether. Never lay a rug over carpeting. Tattered or worn bedspreads should be removed and replaced, as well. Beds should always be made.
7.  Using Flora and Greenery – In spring and summer, an outdoor container garden or hanging planter is lush and appealing and can add a lot of first impression impact. If your house is going on the market early in the season, consider purchasing mature plants rather than starter plants. A homes interior can benefit from flowers and greenery, as well. A simple, seasonal market bouquet can brighten up any room of the home and has a charming appeal.
8.  Clean! – There is nothing more attractive than a clean home. If you are not into cleaning yourself, hire a professional. Make a list for each room, paying particular attention to your homes entrance, both interior and exterior, kitchen, and bath areas. Your home should be as spotless as possible for show.


Not for use by anyone other than customers of DebDECOR

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If you feel uncertain or overwhelmed, contact and we will stage and satisfy your every need!

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